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Booktrovert (ApollyCon ‘24)

Booktrovert (ApollyCon ‘24)

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This is ApollyCon 2024 pre-order only! Candles will be avaliable for pick up at the day of the event. 

Introducing Booktrovert the candle for those who find solace in the company of books. Immerse yourself in the lighthearted fragrance of Pink Watermelon Lemonade. Allow it to enhance the joy you feel when you’re curled up with a book and not having to talk to anyone at all.



Top: Teakwood
Middle: Leather, Cedar, Violet
Base: Dark Musk, Powder, Saffron

Shipping & Processing Time

Shipping: 1-3 Days Priority Mail

Processing Time: 5-7 Business Days

Candle Info

• Size: Volume 7oz | 3.5 x 3
• Burn Time: 35 Hours
• Wax: Soy-Based Wax Produced from US-Grown Soybeans
• Premium Fragrance Oil
• Made in the USA
• Handpoured in small batches with lots of love

Care Instructions

Follow these guidelines to enjoy your candles safely and make them last longer.

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7oz hand-poured soy wax candle Inspired by 'It Ends with Us" by Colleen Hoover.

A combination of Calla Lily and Amyris creates a fresh floral bouquet highlighting this exquisite flower and Amyris in the base adds depth to this scent.